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May 29

Flash Fiction

After reading a wonderful Flash Fiction piece by  Sally Franklin Christie, I remembered how much I love this form of fiction for the extremely short attention span. In case you aren’t  familiar with the concept, Flash Fiction is a complete story with all the necessary elements: plot, characters, etc. contained in 1000 words or less. …

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May 22

A Tale of Three Pillows–Part II

The Three Pillows

  The girl grew into a woman, and she did travel. She journeyed by car, train, and by airplane. She went North and South. She went East and West. Her collection of travel treasures included trivets, towels, t-shirts. Sometimes she brought home salt and pepper shakers or postcards. Her shelf of memories contained a miniature …

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May 20

A Tale of Three Pillows

The Three Pillows

Once upon a time a young girl knelt on the floor beside her mother as the woman opened a deep wooden chest. Trembling with curiosity,  the girl leaned forward to see the treasures in the chest. A shimmer of gold beneath an old book caught her attention. “What is this, Mama?”  Mama laughed and tugged …

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Sep 12

Think About Entering RWA’s Golden Heart Contest, Part II

Today we’ll think about some of the reasons you may want to want to wait another year before entering the Golden Heart Contest. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Romance Writer’s of America’s Golden Heart Contest is one of the biggest contests for yet-to-be published authors. It’s also one of the most expensive contests …

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Sep 10

Think About Entering RWA’s Golden Heart Contest

You know it’s almost fall when the kids head off to school and yet-to-be published writers begin to think about whether to enter Romance Writer’s of America’s Golden Heart Contest. This is the premier contest for us. If you final in this prestigious contest, your work has risen to top of about 2,200 entries. After …

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Aug 17

Always on a Sunday…Pancakes!


For the last few years Sunday morning means pancakes or waffles and a chance for the family to sit down for a leisurely breakfast. The tradition has been especially fun since my son, Jonathan of Jonathan’s Thoughts, and my grand-daughter Alex began spending weekends with us. Alex joins me in the kitchen and we whip up …

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