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T. Elliott BrownSince I scribbled my first story on Holiday Inn stationary when I was eight years old, I’ve been a writer. I found stories everywhere and never hesitated to entertain any captive audience with them. In my fifth grade autobiography project, I proclaimed to the world (or at least the teacher) that I would be a writer when I grew up. Or a hair stylist. Or a fashion designer.

Though I missed the exits for those secondary careers, I did take a few side trips doing things like being a roadie for my husband’s band, a bread-baking natural-baby-food Earth mother, a university administrative assistant, and then a late-blooming college student. Eventually I found my way back to writing full-time.

I hope you’ll visit often to find out about my books, glimpse my cluttered mind on the blog pages, and meet some of my wonderful writer friends.

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