Songs About Writing

In July 2013, I got together with three of my fellow writers,,, and to present a workshop on the rapidly changing publishing industry. We presented information on traditional and self-publishing, including anticipated costs, marketing strategies, etc. Basically everything a writer needs to know to make the decision whether to seek traditional publishing or go indie. Information is always good, but not always fun.

So, we presented the info in the format of a radio show: WPUB: The Radio Show for Writers’ Who Want to Know. Since my husband and I have a recording studio ( we had some great voice talent available. We’ve done the presentation several times, and I believe fun was had by all.

imagesWe began the program with our DJ, Scotty Summers, spinning some great tunes about writing. I thought I’d save you some search time and give you a list of songs to inspire. Load this playlist and get your fingers flying.

Losing It by Rush

I Love You Period by Dan Baird

Mr. Writer by The Stereophonics

Paperback Writer by the Beatles (or Act of Congress)

Everyday I Write the Book by Jenna Mammina and Andre Bush (or Elvis Costello)

Lady Writer by Dire Straits

When I Write the Book by Nick Lowe

Suzanne Collins by Pappa Razzi and the Photogs

The Book of Love by The Monotones

Rewrite by Paul Simon

The Wrote and the Writ by Johnny Flynn

Jane Austen by Pappa Razzi and the Photogs

The Typewriter by Wolfgang Zinke

James Joyce Extremely Difficult Prose, Don’t You Think? by Pappa Razzi and the Photogs

Bookends by Simon and Garfunkle

John Updike by Pappa Razzi and the Photogs

J. R. R. Tolkein by Pappa Razzi and Photogs

These Words by Natasha Beddingfeld

One Little Song by Gillian Welch



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