Girls just want to have fun…

And man, oh man, did we have some fun at the annual Harlequin party during the RWA National Conference in San Francisco! There’s just nothing like gettin’ on your groove with a bunch of smart, talented and light-footed women while the DJ spins hits from “Sweet Home Alabama” to “Sexy Back” with all the good stuff in between. These photos of girls in action were taken with my iPhone in the midst of the dance frenzy. From left to right we’ve got Cindy Rutledge, Nancy Robards Thompson, Mary Louise Wells, Me, Katherine Garbera, Debbie Pfeiffer and Nancy again.

Of course, even though I’m having more fun than should be legal, I don’t usually take things at surface value. I have to examine a little deeper and what I came up with after an evening of dancing my toes off is that this party is a celebration of women–all shapes, all sizes, all ages.

On the dance floor we shed our inhibitions, our worries, our cares, our career pressures, and shake our booties like there’s no tomorrow. It’s liberating to watch small groups of dancers performing spontaneous choreography, corny though it may be. It’s fun to let loose and play with our sexuality in a way we never would’ve if the crowd were more equally male and female.

So, the next time you get a chance, I hope you, too, dance, dance, dance.

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