City Lights Bookstore

When a book lover visits San Francisco a visit to City Lights Bookstore is a must, so on Saturday I stole a little time away from the RWA Conference with good friends Debbie Pfeiffer and Nancy Robards Thompson to stroll through Chinatown with the landmark bookstore as our destination.

Strolling down Kerouac Alley, we stopped to read the quotes inset in the bricks, appreciating the insight and wisdom of some of our most famous authors and spokesmen for a generation.

The quiet of the store approached reverence, though we did whisper among ourselves wondering where they kept the romance novels. Not finding a large selection of romance (actually, none) we made it to the poetry section. Finally, I settled on a copy of DHARMA BUMS by Kerouac and a great little book on defining poetry by Ferlinghetti. Unfortunately, no Ferlinghetti sightings today.

If you go to San Francisco, wear some flowers in your hair and visit the City Lights Bookstore.

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