A Tale of Three Pillows–Conclusion


So the woman returned from San Francisco with her Good Fortune pillow and added it to the collection on the daybed in her office. While a worthy addition, the Good Fortune pillow didn’t quell the desire the woman had for a romantic, spectacularly tacky pillow like the one she remembered from her childhood. 

Still seeking the pillow of her vision, she searched the cyber world for a substitute, but found nothing to match her imagination. She expressed her disappointment and her unfilled desire in a blog post, sending the wish into the ether, hoping for some insight, some direction, some retail outlet to meet her need. 

Months passed and nothing materialized. No direction via comments on her blog. No insight. No retail outlet. She should give up , she told herself. Be satisfied with what you have, her conscience commanded. After all, she possessed the kitschy, romantic Texas pillow. She had her Good Fortune pillow. Most of all, she had the great good fortune of her life–her husband, her sons, her home, her good friends. She was happy with these things. 

She tucked away her vision and gave up her obsession, settling into the daily routine of her life. Writing in her office, she’d gaze at the Texas pillow and think of romance, of love, of innocent sweethearts and delicate passion. The Good Fortune pillow inspired her to work harder for surely good fortune would follow. And so the days passed and the work progressed. 

Then her son, Jon, brought home Lisa–a golden princess of great beauty and greater compassion. Unbeknownst to the woman, Lisa understood the woman’s desire for the unusual. Lisa related to the pretty side of ugly that creates tacky. And she took it upon herself to find a pillow that might fill the void in the woman’s pillow collection. 

On Christmas morning, the woman opened a gift from Lisa. It appeared to be an ordinary package. Possibly a sweater. Perhaps a scarf. But, beyond the wrapping paper and beneath the tissue lay an exquisite gold fringed, gleaming satin pillow with the Golden Gate Bridge embroidered in glittering red thread! A sparkling clear stone lit the topmost point of the bridge and a tiny blue truck traversed the span.

The woman gasped with delight! It was the pillow she’d wanted. Too beautiful to be tacky, but exactly right. And Lisa, the good, golden princess beamed with joy. The two women understood. 


The Third Pillow

The Third Pillow

Together at last

Together at last


    • Lisa on June 1, 2009 at 10:09 am

    I’m not sure that I am worthy of the title of the golden princess, but I do understand and I am so happy and excited to have been able to give you that special gift 🙂

    • Teresa on June 1, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    In my world you are worthy, golden princess Lisa. Hugs.

    • Joanne Hagerman on April 17, 2010 at 2:48 am

    When I was a little girl, I visited my grandmother and slept on a day bed. On the bed was a white satin pillow with green fringe and green lettering. She told me that my grandfather had given it to her when he was away from home. I memorized the poem and I remember it to this day. I thought it was so romantic. It was the poem ‘I thought that you would like to know….’ When my grandmother passed, the only thing I wanted was that pillow but, unfortunately, no one was able to locate it. I was doing a search for the poem when I ran across your website and the tale of 3 pillows. It reminded me again of the love my grandfather had for my grandmother.

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